[fixed] Save option exists already?

so I was messing around with my evolution game and debugging when I found in the game flow section the save option. I placed it and it had a red texture. Sometimes it would say null. Its name when placed is storage. In the hook in side one option is save and read. In the out it says done. I have not yet tested it but I plan to. Is this on anyone else’s game option? please help.

Did some testing and it seems you can’t save twice on the same block

seems you can’t load twice either

I refreshed my page and now the place where it normally says null is gone

my read save still says null

only my second save trial doesn’t say null

my alert does not show up at all in my 2nd trials

everything else still works fine

http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/341045 this is my game. see if editor save works.

@grazer do you know what this is?

Shows up on mine too. Tried to use it but doesnt load

Um, yeah I know what it is :slight_smile:

I’m working on it, but I didn’t intend to release that feature yet - oops. It will be disabled shortly, until I get it completed and tested, sorry.

I got an lightbulb moment just last night…

What if Done, was from saving and it left a number it a number node, and that insanely huge number stored dsta, and it could be imputed

Into read, which loads!