[FIXED] Scroll view trouble

Good afternoon,

I am a teacher and I currently have my students building a game as their final project. I have a couple of students that are using scroll view but it doesn’t want to work. I don’t know if I am overlooking something simple or if it is a bug. Please, someone help me resolve this.


Normally refreshing the page will fix the glitch of the game not loading correctly, as annoying as it is, but nothing seems to fix this.

I can’t see the game right now, but did they stretch the area you can scroll? If they didn’t, go to its scroll view behavior and stretch it, for the left and top it needs to be a negative number

if they did that just check if they are using auto scroll? Or that they didn’t connect anything to scroll view… and the behavior has to be in the player

The behavior is in the player.
I went in and adjusted the scroll area.

Auto scrollis checked. should it not be?

Nothing is connected to the scroll.

On the top link the camera is way off.
On the bottom link it just doesn’t scroll.

Have your jump connected to y and your left and right connected to x
For ship controls connect forward with both x and y
Auto scroll for me is ok

first one:
Autoscroll X is off. You’ll see four numbers with - and + boxes on the side, for top, down, right and left. for “Left” and “Top”, put in minus numbers. For “Right” and “bottom”, put in positive numbers. The higher the number, the more you scroll.

second one:
the first player’s scroll view seems to be working fine, why do you need one player for each level? Just use the same character in every level.

I am terribly sorry. I provided the wrong link for the first one.
this is the game where the camera is consistantly off. I am familiar with how to set the scroll view. I have 60+ students and 90% have managed to do this without a problem. Its just these two I can’t figure out.

Second one…the player goes off screen and the camera doesn’t move. There is a problem where the student placed a “go to next level” on a collision with any object so its teleporting you to level 2 without having to go through level 1, and its an easy fix. but even when thats been fixed, the camera doesn’t budge.

These are middle school students that are still learning the basics. Some of them have grasped using the same character and using switches when needed. Some struggle with switches so they use a new player each time.

I’m not trying to be argumentative or difficult…Just looking for solutions.

Thank you,
LeSha Animations

You don’t need switches, the player resets every time after a level is completed unless you changed it :slight_smile:
but I don’t know what’s wrong with that, sorry :frowning:

The students that I told to use new players at each level are suppose to have their player learn a new ability. Like a power up.

I’m going to keep trouble shooting this, if anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears.

Hey, i took a look…

I cant seem to find the player.

As for immediately passing the level without going through it, you may just have the collision set to “any” instead of set to the goal object. It happens to the best of us XD

I looked at “baby monkey” thinking it was the player and saw a scroll view, however the object is not movable. Is that supposed to be there?

If it gives you too much trouble, you may just have to start over…

Nope. Found it. Grass had a scrollview.

I removed it, and it worked smoothly

For the game “Justin and the Monkey”, @jngthree found the issue: Both the player (“justin 1”) object and the “grass” object have scroll view behaviors, so they are conflicting with each other. If you remove the scrollview in the grass object, it works fine.

“The Village/The Lonely Spider” has a similar issue. In this one, the player, the “grass” and the “Ground-Level” all have scroll views which are conflicting with each other. If you remove them from all but the player it behaves much more nicely.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much! To be honest, I never thought to check for additional scrollviews. My students will be extremely excited to know the problem has been found!

No problem :slight_smile: