Fixed Some Things You Didn't Like...

After a review done by @Crigence (Thanks for the feedback)I have one, fixed jumping amounts, making it so that the difficulty going through the levels would be more easily done, and won’t be so disturbing jumping over something yet taking damage. And two, I have added a sign as of which that players are aware that the lasers ARE dangerous. Sorry if you had not noticed, but I thought it would be sensible enough, of which I had thought wrong. The only thing I could not fix, sadly, was the menus. I’m afraid they will not come any time soon in this demo. And being a demo, yes, you do go to the beginning for it is not a final product, nor it will have a developed story with it, being a demo. Sorry for any inconvenience or any confusion to this, as I did place it in the title. Another review piece is that it had a lazy ending, which undeniably did, but again, this is made off of free, and I did not have enough objects to develop a good story, and hence is still a demo. Thank you for your consideration, and sorry for any misconception. Thank you.

“this is made off of free, and I did not have enough objects to develop a good story,” You know how my game (Old Super Mario Bros.) is a free game and yet it feels like it has double the objects it should? That’s because i did my best to conserve the objects required and make some objects do more than 1 job!

For example: You can use animations (Which you have infinite amounts of) to make it so the game plays a animation and the block looks different! So that way, you can make 1 ground block and just apply animations to it through different levels! This should be ESPECIALLY effective for you since you repeat the first 2 levels at the end!

Also, why did you make the text a block? You know there’s a way to message the player using only behaviors and without blocks right?

If you need any more help, i’m always here!

Sorry @Crigence about all of that. I’m still new here, and there isn’t much to go off a tutorial. I’ve been testing a lot of stuff and changing things, like before there was a glitch that you could infinitely jump… It was just me being dumb and not putting in a few extra boxes, and it had been like that for 3 months. I’m still in high school and just trying to do my best with what I know of this stuff, and no, I did not know you could do most of that stuff you have previously stated. I will look into it, and most likely remove those text boxes once I’ve got it figured out. Thanks for the help!

I’m also new here, i just got into Flowlab about 2 months ago and that review discussion is the first discussion i ever made!

Also, just saying, you shouldn’t tell strangers on the internet your age or anything like that. I mean, i don’t care but other people might!

And lastly: You’re welcome!

@Crigence I didn’t notice I put my age. Stupid me. And I did not know you only started about 2 months ago, sorry for the assumption, but in that short period of time, you have seemed to have figured out everything! Great job!

I’ve added message blocks, so those dumb text boxes are out, @Crigence !

Also @Crigence , you no longer restart in the game when you die! I decided that it would lower the difficulty, which obviously was making players mad.

@rcreger Thanks! I’d say all that stuff you added is going to make the game a lot more enjoyable!

If you want, i can review the game again once you’re done with the new version!

Okay, I’ll put it in @Crigence !