[fixed] Tiles don't delete properly

I’ve been getting rather irritated from having to delete tiles that clone when you refresh the page. They seem to have been deleted or gone when you move them around, but once you refresh, they’re back. It’s pretty time consuming to delete all of them since we can’t just hover over them and hit the [delete] button on the keyboard. Just something I figured I would report since it’s really annoying.


Just so I understand - these objects disappear when you attempt to move them, but them show back up when refresh?

Yeah, then after deleting them a second time, they stay deleted, or just get stuck to your cursor.

Hey Mhx,

That sounds really annoying, but I haven’t seen that behavior myself. I just opened up a game and spent like 20 minutes dragging blocks around, and none of them disappeared. Do you have any ideas on what the trick may be to trigger that bug?

I’m assuming that this is the newer version of the editor (with white icons at the bottom).

I can try recreating the bug, but basically after cloning a lot of blocks, hitting play, moving some blocks, hitting play, changing the screen size, hitting play, and refreshing, all the blocks were multiplied wherever they were before, moved to, cloned, or deleted from.

I just tried making a new game (it’s going to be a sonic engine so I can figure out how to do hills, faster run over time, swimming, spindash, wall climb, loops, and other sonic features for future games), but anyway, I hit refresh, and you can see a huge mess of tiles that I definitely did not intentionally put there. They were all moved or deleted, but came back after refreshing.

Here’s something interesting I found out. I just went to move an object and decided I didn’t want to save it, so I hit back. I went back to the game only to find that it saved anyway, even though I didn’t hit play. Maybe that’s part of the problem?

Hey Mhx, Thanks for the detailed description of the issue. That was very helpful in tracking it down and fixing it. The bug you described should be fixed, and while I was in there, I went ahead and added the feature you described: You can now hover over an object and hit [delete] to delete it.

Let me know if you have any more trouble with this.