Flario | A Game Solely Made for Speed-Running

Flario is a Short Game I Designed COMPLETELY BUILT for Speed-Running.

The time Below is the First Time Set. That will be the Starting Score that you will Need to Beat.


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First Place - Benicheen | 357

Second Place - ???

Third Place - ???

Submit your Speedrun Times below! With an @Benicheen!

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( Fixed Link )

Due to the Timer being “Cheatable” you must now Attach a VIDEO of your run with your reply.

Acceptable time Example:

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Man, i got 15 too, and its really hard to beat that, lol.

There’s a few trick you can learn. For example: If you hold Jump WHILE you land on the enemy you bounce higher. And if you get hit by them it bounces you away, and you can use those for extra height and speed. I havent mastered them yet :confused:

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I updated the timer so it doesnt run on seconds now. It’ll be more accurate now so you dont always get 15

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Interesting concept, I suppose. But the game is going to need a LOT more polish, especially movement wise, if you’re going to call it a “Game for speed running”.

@JR01’s Escape the Rewind is the gold standard when it comes to well-made, fluid movement HOWEVER if you want a more small-scale example, my Old Super Mario Bros. has some pretty solid movement of its own (Even if that’s just my opinion)

Thats actually really fun but is there a way to respawn other then Relaoding the page? ( the super mario )

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You mean OSMB.? No, not yet. The game is currently being recoded from the ground up while i’m not busy with something else and I haven’t gotten to a respawn system yet

Oki This text will be blurred

If you go to left at the start and keep jumping you can climb up the wall and there’s a coin up there, is that intended?

No, not even climbing up walls is intended?

oof This text will be blurred

I’ve been trying to get into speed running so…Yay!

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yeah same with my game Super Squid Bros.

god he has a gun …

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and btw if you press W and UP you can double jump
and if you press them at the same time you go extremely high

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Also i just beat ur game

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Yeah the Moving platform is buggy but yeah I hope you liked it.