Flexible layering

Ok. I know that there’s at least one more person who wants this other than me.
Layering you can change. In the sprite, you can choose a fixed layer, but that makes it hard when you want to make isometric games, or semi-top-downs, because your object will just stay in that layer forever, and make the game look janky :frowning:


Yeah, this has been requested lots of times, and I really need to add it, but it won’t be added before the Summer Flowjam is over for sure.

Here’s the Trello card: Trello

Basically the issue is that right now, the render order is determined per type (in the settings panel) and not per individual object.

I need to add a mechanism for each individual object to have its own order value to support this feature.


With the game I’m making right now, that would be super awesome, because it relies mostly on layering.

Just making sure you read that correctly: I said that it won’t be added during the Flowjam. I pretty much avoid making updates during a game jam so that I don’t break things while folks are working on a schedule.


I know. Just saying :slight_smile:

ok, cool :+1:
Just making sure…

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