FLOW the ultimate level creator, Have your game as a featured style!

i’ve decided to call my level creator FLOW. the way it is right now is bland which is why im deciding to ask you guys if you would like your game to be a style! what I mean by this is that you can request for your game aka game style to be a featured style for people to create levels in. so the style would have the same physics, graphics, art style, abilities ect. ill be adding my own game styles later as I would have to work on them ALOT

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I only have 2 games, but if you would care to use either;

  1. Doctor Kevin Boxy - The Game
    This game is the ultimate inside joke, but all of a sudden people who weren’t in on the joke enjoyed it, so now it’s a thing
  2. Neon Dungeon
    Definitely a WIP, still working on camera movement lol, but the general idea is that everything would be very neon, almost glowing, against a black background, and that every movement becomes some sort of dance

sure why not here is the fick stigure game, it isnt finished but i am free for your idea, i only have the final boss set up and part of the 1st level, here-https://flowlab.io/game/view/1509667

How About This Style? Link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1529332