Dear Flowlab Friends,

Sadly, due to a lack of participance, short notice, and lack of communication, FlowCon 2020 is CANCELLED. FlowCon 2021 is planned to premiere in March, 2021.

I don’t really care so don’t remind me

I’m sorry that this post bothers you, but if it does, best just ignore it.

Sorry to hear it. I was looking forward to participating

Gamer20 Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean other people don’t. If you don’t care please just don’t comment You were being very rude to browngr Who is doing nothing wrong

@Ramshacklegamestudios I’ve just gotten used to it at this point lol
Agent Y and Lyndon Bork are the annoying ones on Discord, Ren’s just straight up mean to other users, and generally, people don’t like my presence on the Forums, probably because I don’t put up with people’s idiocy most of the time lol

I remember agent Y…
Please slap him for me
(I am richer than him hehehe)

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<I know that/i><

@meburningslime will do lmao

Seriously the other day he lectured me on how untrustworthy and how bad the HAKK3R 2 is going to be because get this; it had a bad title.

Agent Y thinks that the entire reason the sequel to my garbage game is going to be bad is because of its title. Of all the reasons he could have chosen, one of the worst story based games on Flowlab, he chose the title… bruh

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@“browngr”, I agree, that is the worst reason to hate a game.

I wasn’t really gonna participate in FlowCon, but dang, I am surprised it got cancelled.

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Oh, darn… Just saw this… Man, welp, time for plan B (which I came up with right now lol). Thanks for giving me the opportunity anyways @browngr , it was great to participate when I could! :smirk:

As for Discord, I’m not on too often, so I had no idea. Really sorry about that :confused: I’ve worked with Y a little bit with the FPS team, but honestly he didn’t give me too much trouble then, which is surprising since I was also a sprite/animations artist for the project as well (I think it was “the cowboy that did in fact go to space” game… so, speaking of titles, you’ve got the better bargain by far lol).

Anyways, I’ll just change the wiki about FlowCon, but hopefully I might be able to participate in the next FlowCon! Good luck man!

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