{{| FlowCreate Piano |}}

FlowCreate Piano is a Piano based Game in which you can play a small portion of the piano, although, it does let you play multiple songs!


“-” = 1/4 Second Break
“|” = 4/4 Second Break

Mary had a Little Lamb.
"E - W - Q - W - E - E - E | W - W - W | E - T - T | E - W - Q - W - E - E - E - E - W - W - E - W - Q"

Feel Free to Post your own Music Sheets below!


I think the mp3 urls are broke

do you know any websites where I can upload the audios where the links wont expire?

I think you can do it on an audio hosting site like soundcloud, since basically any .mp3 link that leads to a page with nothing but a play button will work.

well i deleted all of the piano key sound recordings after I uploaded them cuz i didnt expect the links to break, so i’ll have to record more ;p but thanks! :eagle:

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