FlowFx - Feedback Poll

Is there an option where it doesn’t load for your device, lol.
The project is so big it takes forever to load.


One thing I think would be a great addition would be to have random X/Y movement. Example:

Leaves blowing in the wind does not flow in a straight line, but flows with the wind, and changes the Y direction randomly. I feel this could be used for several different particles

Another thing could be adding shaders, cuz why not lol


Hmm are you using a pc or mobile?


Yeah! Random X/Y is a nice suggestion, it was on the to-do list but the other movement options had a higher priority.

Shaders would be nice, but since we can’t stack shaders, it would probably not work correctly, plus it could break someone’s game if they were already using shaders.


There you go, I’m this topics 20th like :grin:


The particle creation system is fun and intuitive. I look forward to trying to put my own shapes into the emitters.

The export process is a little convoluted, but after a few times I’m sure it will be easy. You have to really get your particle right or you have to keep editing and pasting new setting #s I had to go back to the tutorial while I was in the middle of making my fix, and had to open it in another window to get to the youtube link (though I found it easier to read the text instructions). Maybe a link to tutorial in the builder window too?

Seems to work as a proof of concept in my game but I haven’t put the effect into its final function. It will hopefully play an integral part in the late game.

FlowFx is quite the accomplishment. It’s a great extension for Flowlab. Great work for sure!


flowlab particle system


@todorrobot Yeah, the export process could be better, but we’re dependant on a flowlab update that allows us to import/copy bigger amounts of text.

Adding the tutorial to the engine itself is a nice idea too, and shouldn’t be too hard.

thanks for the feedback! :smiley:

@Jaiden_Yabuki Ahahah thanks, I appreciate it

@LMTPE Yeah, It’s trying to be


Make it so it works on my iMac without showing a black screen and never loads :slight_smile: :+1:

I don’t have an iMac, and I don’t think JR has one either. So if you and @ManiacPumpkin want to help us and test it on those devices, your help is more than welcome :slight_smile:

Y’all can message me here or on Discord: Samuel Tomé#9035


I don’t know what there is to say and help with, it’s not a game bug. It’s a flowlab bug or iMacs just can’t run larger projects like these on flowlab. :man_shrugging:

It’s probably how demanding the game is, usually needing more RAM and CPU.
I have some performance improvements in mind that should help it run, but it will be a while before I get those in…


As long as I can use it before I’m an adult I think it should be fine. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait that long.


I haven’t posted any opinions on the FlowFx yet as I haven’t tried them yet. They look amazing, I just need to find the right kind of project to start testing them out on.



I started making my own “FlowFX” in secrecy a little over a year ago, called “Cri-Particle Engine”. But due to me mostly pulling out of Flowlab in favor of greener pastures (And still doing so), I never finished it. And now, I suddenly found out that 2 giants of the community beat me to it, and that we apparently used roughly the same techniques as one another but in complete isolation, lol

It kinda stung, not gonna lie, but I hope PixelPizza and JR_01’s engine sees wide-spread adoption regardless. Good job beating me to it!


I’m not really sure why you feel that it was a race or something. We didn’t even know you were doing it.
But oh well, I think you can look at this on the bright side:

  1. There is now a particle system, which means you can freely use it and now focus on something else (And you didn’t even had to waste an entire year doing it ahah)

  2. If you still want to do your particle system, you are obviously free to do so, and you can even improve or add stuff that our system doesn’t have.

It’s all about perspective. We are all here to just make games, help other people and have fun. So, no need to feel bummed about it. :slight_smile:


i dont think i will ever stop using this


Ahahah thanks, that’s nice to hear :smiley:


Woah this is legitness*10000000!
Good results as always :slight_smile:


Why did nobody tell me about this earlier?