Flowjam 2020 - Summer Jam Results!

The results are in, and the Flowjam 2020 Summer Jam was a big success!

Thanks to everybody who participated, and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

The new format of reviews seemed to work much better than before, and lots more folks participated in the review process this time around, with nearly 600 reviews across the 44 entries. The final score calculation was made by taking the average score across all categories combined

Without further ado, here are the results:

Honorable Mention

No Plan by Pixel Pizza with a score of 3.45. This game looks fantastic, has quirky, fun gameplay, and is super polished. Pixel Pizza wins a T-Shirt from the shop.

3rd place

Time Bomb by Todorobot with a score of 3.51. Complex and creative gameplay mechanics, retro-arcade aesthetic, and lots of small funny touches make this one stand out. Todorobot wins a T-Shirt from the shop.

2nd place

A Stitch in Time by F3Art with a score of 3.61. This game has unique world-building, interesting characters, and was a surprise hit with the reviewers. F3Art wins a T-Shirt from the shop.

And the winner

Escape the Rewind by JR01 (& Baron Wasteland) with a score of 3.76. Flawless platforming, gorgeous graphics, and well-designed levels combine to make a really fun package. Congratulations and great work! JR01 wins a Nintendo Switch.

All entries and their scores can be seen on the entry page.

Awesome! Congrats @“JR 01” !

good job
somebody tell me how I tell my team
I didnt even get 1 3-star review

We Won!!!

@“Baron Wasteland” will be given the Nintendo Switch for his amazing work on the game. I really wouldn’t have this game made without his Art.

Thanks to everyone who participated and to everyone who got to play the game! I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the game and I have plans for updates.

I would also like to thank @PixelPizza for being a Beta tester and criticizing the game to adjust the smooth movement I wanted and make it a fun controllable character to go with it.

This was a fun jam, and I’m proud of the game I’ve made at the end. Goodnight everyone!

Thanks @Jmanbricks

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Hey @meburningslime - Notes & Waves got 18 reviews in total, only the average is shown. You definitely got lots of 3 star reviews (and higher) in the mix.

It’s a good game, I had fun playing it even though I can only beat the first level :slight_smile:

CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNER @“JR 01” well done :slight_smile:
And all the runner ups, darn, that was a head to head race.

Amazing games, some got me by surprise, I’m proud of everyone who participated.

Congrats! @todorrobot Time Bomb was a blast, pun intended. It took me like 5 tries before I was able to diffuse the bomb, and I had a really good time figuring it out. Trying to follow detailed instructions under a strict time limit was really challenging in a satisfying way and I felt genuine pressure to get that bomb diffused! Also the tutorial was hilarious.

And @“JR 01” and @“Baron Wasteland” the platforming in Escape the Rewind felt seriously good. I went for a perfect on the first level and getting the path and movement down felt great. Then I went for a 2 cog score at least on all the other levels. I almost beat the game but got stuck on level 5, but I honestly enjoyed the challenge! It was difficult in a fair and satisfying way, and I loved the momentum and animations for the character. It reminded me of Rayman Legends. I’m definitely interested in playing more!

I was able to play a few other games but unfortunately wasn’t able to play them all before these results. I personally feel like it would be great to have a week between the submission deadline and FlowJam results to play the games.

Beyond that I had a great time making my own game and it was awesome seeing other’s projects! Thanks for putting on the game jam!

@grazer what did I do wrong though?
also I made a secret level for you, it’s called Evil Gameboy. You unlock it when you beat all of the other levels, but you could go to the editor to skip that part.

Oh dear this is delightful! Haha what a lovely thing to wake up to!
Even though I helped come up with the ideas for our game’s mechanics and worked (pretty tirelessly, I must admit) to produce the art, @“JR 01” took care of everything else. I have to be honest, I had no idea what he was talking about for the most part when he was explaining the level design and other mechanics, but I’m glad at least ONE of us knew what was going on!
I didn’t play all of the games, but I really loved @todorrobot 's time bomb game, you earned that 3rd place, and @“The Kodex” , your
gtaphics were pretty decent and the game is pretty charming, I can see you worked well on the pixel art, keep it up with the animation!
@PixelPizza I can’t, I just can’t. You keep making games that hurt me how well you can make them. No Plan was too good, you need to slow down for a hot second and make a dissapointing game, you freaking progedy.
Over all, I’m honestly really impressed with our game and I’m so glad you guys like it too! A real pleasure, and I look forward to the next jam!

Sweeet! Congrats to @“JR 01” and @“Baron Wasteland” for a stellar game! And to @F3Art and @PixelPizza as well. Great competition.

@lopinjop glad you enjoyed it! It was hard to gauge the challenge and I had to cut a bunch of components and tricks due to time limit. Ill say that Ill go back and add more, but Im really bad about that. I really enjoyed Tread as well. Thats a ton of level patterns and the gameplay was really smooth.

@meburningslime i dont think you did anything wrong you just didnt win. The competition was tough and sometimes working with a large team can be more of a hassle and a distraction than a benefit, especially under a tight deadline. The experience alone and successfully submitting a game is a huge accomplishment (as well as wrangling a team to produce something workable in two weeks).

I would say keep doing what youre doing and your games are only going to get better.

@lopinjop Loved your game too, you did a great job on it!

Also congrats to the winners of course.

Way to go @“JR 01” undisputed winner. Smooth game play and great graphics.

Also, @grazer I really enjoyed the new voting format, I think it allows for more critiquing.

This was fun! When’s the next one?

congratulations @“JR 01” and @“Baron Wasteland” your game is awesome!!!


sorry @grazer . I’m a little upset, sorry to take it out on you :frowning:

Calm down @meburningslime - I was up until 2:am finished up the Flowjam server tasks, and I just hadn’t unlocked them yet. They’re all unlocked again now, knock yourself out.

Hey @meburningslime - no worries. A break from time to time is probably healthy :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be upset: You and your team completed a fun game that you should be proud of, and I assume you guys all learned a lot and improved as game developers in the process. This is the real point of the game jam.

And I can’t even tell my team because my phone just got the black screen of death. Today is great.

Congratulations @“JR 01” ! I did say if anyone deserved to win it would be you! Honestly you have helped me on nearly all my games in such a significant way, acting like a mentor to everyone on here, you definetly deserve this :smile:

@grazer great to see the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and (may I ask) if there is more than one honourable mention? And if not, what score did my game get (Not expecting much, put way to much effort into art and perfection barley made any levels. But hey, at least the levels looked good)

Thanks everyone!

@“The Kodex”, you can see your score in the Flowjam entry list