Flowjam 2020 - Summer Jam Results!

CONGRATS @“JR 01”, @“Baron Wasteland”, @todorrobot , @PixelPizza , on the games!!!
Time Heist may not have won but it was real fun to work with you guys! :smile:

good job everybody

Congrats @“JR 01” and @“Baron Wasteland” for winning! I love the art and how challenging and fast the gameplay is.

and congrats to @PixelPizza and @todorrobot as well.
good job everybody!

I also really enjoyed some of the games that didn’t win anything like Curse of the Wereloaf by @BitWit , The Time We Lost by @Jmanbricks , Chrono Space by @“The Kodex” , and Tread by @lopinjop.

@F3Art Eyyyy, thanks man, I had a lot of fun playing your game!

Thanks @F3Art! I agree all of those game were good even if they didn’t win anything!


Ps if you didn’t already know this is seamothmaster’s second account

Hey @gameraider374 - looks like you did, sorry :frowning:

@grazer when’s the next one?

btw @grazer will winning games get featured on the games page like last time?

Yes, I’m going to update the home page with the winners.

ok cool (:

I was hoping to get a game featured one day so I’m really happy about that.