Flowjam 2021 - Space Ruler

Space Ruler is top down based game where you do tasks around the kingdom of pixlatics, a space type blocky character. you play as Princess Starlight, and with the help of Cosmo, you can help your kingdom grow and prevail!


So it’s like Among Us?

I think its more of a simulator or something

i never thought of it that way, but no its not among us.

Tasks around a space area, and top down point of view. Sounds alot like Among Us

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LOL, i totally forgot about among us, but you don’t just do random tasks. you have to talk to other members and do tasks they tell you to do, unlocking new parts of the map :slight_smile:

sounds cool am i right? LOL

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My game is called ARMAGEDDON

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It’s based on a dream I had last night.

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And when I have dreams… There nightmares

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since you want to be an idiot, i will get you banned :slight_smile:

Ignore them. They’ll be gone soon enough, already told Grazer over Discord


Hey @grazer - this dude be spamming all over the place, along with being uncivil.

Just saw this, thanks XD


thanks guys :smiley:

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@MetaNinja is watching us…

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I only came into this discussion to start flagging the troll that was spamming all over the forums.

But either way, I decided to stick around in this discussion for a bit. Good luck on your Flowjam Entry!

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Yeah they heck happened all i saw was a bunch of inappropriate spam every where.