Flowjam 2022 Entry "Nibiru"

Hey Guys, ShadowGaming Here! I would like to introduce and describe my entry for the Summer Flowjam 2022!

Sorry if it’s long.


Taking place in the year 2084, astronauts, Adam, Olivia, Michael, and William must traverse the mysterious planet Nibiru, gather intel about the disappearance of scientists who once inhabited the planet, and find missing parts to rebuild their ship while battling deadly aliens standing in their way.


Nibiru is a survival/ adventure game where you and your teammates must journey through an alien planet and take on diverse aliens along the way.

Enemies and what they do / Tactic(s):

Parasite (Common Enemy): Will scratch you when near.
(Spawn from eggs, you can shoot the eggs before they hatch)

There are also mutations. Mutations are the aliens you should really be careful with as they release a very intimidating damage output and they are able to pin you. Pinning you is a feature where if a certain mutated enemy performs a certain attack, they can lock you in place and only death or a teammate will stop the pin.

Catalyst (Mutation): Spits an acid ball that follows you for a short time (If the acid ball makes contact it will deal damage for some time before disappearing).

Lurker: Sneaks and waits for the right moment to lunge on you when they pin you.

Mangler: Will grab you, lift you up, and crush you when they pin you.
(If you see a mangler you might want to keep your distance, sometimes they will charge forward really fast all of a sudden and grab you).

Siren: Will chase you. If they land a hit they will incapacitate you but continue to attack you until death.
(If you see a Siren, keep your distance, you do not want to bother it, but if you do, do it at your own risk).

In-Game Mechanics and things to know:

Weapon: Ray Blaster

Charging Station: Charging Stations are used to refill your ammo but be careful, once you start recharging, you cannot cancel, this can be the perfect opportunity for a mutation to pin you.

Things I might add:

More Weapons: More weapons would be really cool and I have limited time so I might just stick with the Ray Blaster.

Leveling up: Leveling up gifts you with Vitality. Vitality is used to update your health and weapon strength.


Classic: Just a classic alien shooter, pretty balanced.

Survivor: Enemies are pretty tough and strong, traverse with caution.

Nightmare: Things are at their peak as enemies are tougher and stronger than ever before. Make one wrong move and it’s game over.


There might be some things I have to scrap and there could be some issues I run into that might cause me to scrap the whole game altogether, so sorry for that, I’ll try my best to ask for help if I need to.

Thanks for reading and if you have any ideas or other things feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

If you want to be nosey and check out what I have so far, here’s the link:

Edit: The game is not finished.

Update: Disregard the pin system, it has been scrapped. | The Mangler is now called the Bruiser.


Once I start to get more things done, I’m gonna maybe have polls on certain things, maybe, not sure yet.


Poll time!

When startling a Siren, instead of it incapacitating you instantly, it devours you killing you instantly (To inject fear more into coming across a Siren)
  • Yes
  • No

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Okay i’m gonna edit the poll, just to add another option

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Poll time!

When startling a Siren, instead of it incapacitating you instantly, when it reaches you it devours you killing you instantly or when it reaches you, your teammates will have a chance to kill it before it devours you. (To inject fear more into coming across a Siren)
  • Incapacitate you instantly
  • Kill you instantly
  • Give the teammates a chance to kill it then it kills you instantly

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@John_Shrekinson you can vote again if you’d like

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Another Poll!!!

Situation Commands: Situation Commands are actions you can get your teammates to do. Example (Press 1): Get a teammate with a health kit to heal you, this can be especially useful in certain situations when there are enemies around.
  • Add this
  • Don’t add this (Let the AI do it on its own)

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In Halo 5, your teammates were also AIs and they would kill enemies on their own. When you got downed, you could press and hold X and they would show up to revive you. In addition to this, you can press a button to command your teammates or lead them somewhere iirc.

My point is is that you should consider both AI and player commands to control the teammates. However, I also suggest that you limit the quantity (not quality) of commands and AI functions and such until after the Flowjam (we only have two weeks). That’s only if you feel that such an action is necessary.

Okay, I will take that into consideration, but personally, I think that AI teammates teleporting to you just by the tap of a key is overpowered. The AI making their way to you on their own is more reasonable. But we are talking about 2 different games so yeah.

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Nah they run and jump over to you in Halo 5. If they can’t get to you in time while you’re downed, you die. The Halo games in general have some really great AI. I think you could study them to see how they work. Halo: Combat Evolved revolutionized many things, and AI technology is one of them.

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Okay, thanks. :slight_smile: (20 character, I forgot how to hide make them invisible.)

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You’re welcome!

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Sad to say, I’m going to have to cancel the pin system because it will take a lot of time to figure out, and we’re all on limited time here, sorry guys. Pretty sure that’s gonna cost me for creativity :frowning:

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Based on the changes to the pin system, the Mangler will now be the Bruiser.

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After you get downed you will be able to spectate your AI teammates. After the jam, I might add the feature of after death, your teammates can make their way to the safe point (If I can figure out the pathfinding) while you spectate them.

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Healing and Ray Blaster Recharging Station will now be replaced with just pickups.

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I like it so far, but I have two comments for you…

  1. Is it Niribu or Nibiru? The intro and title of this post say Niribu, but the game title and description say Nibiru.
  2. Add arrow keys as well as WASD to offer additional control options for various computer styles.

Oh wow I did not see that, thanks for letting me know, it’s actually Nibiru, and i’ll be sure to add arrow key controls.

Glad I could help, make sure you change the in game intro as well.

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Thank you for your feedback, once I get more done, I can add you or any others who are interested in bug/playtesting, if you’d like.

Bad news guys, I had to take care of some things and lost so much time and I won’t be able to finish the game before the deadline. Furthermore, I have to forfeit from the competition. @grazer If you can, can you please remove “Nibiru” from the submission list?

Edit: I’ve come to a conclusion, @Bmarzi helped motivate me to complete the game and get as much as I can finished.