Flowjam 2022 Entry "Nibiru"

Why remove it? Now that the stress of completing the game and winning the competition are gone, you might as well keep it in and let people test play it. You’ll get more feedback and be able to make a better game.


It’s honestly not playable, there is still a big bug with the teammate AI and I haven’t even started on the Enemy AI, Level Design, and MANY other things, it’s really not going to be fun, your just going to be walking around shooting at nothing, with a barely finished level start and a teammate that just keeps getting stuck on nothing. It’s really not that much to give feedback on because the core gameplay is nonexistent.

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Teammate AI has been improved but still has issues:

Teammate Shooting has been nerfed - This is helpful as it makes the player actually have to put in effort to make it to the checkpoint. More specifically, the teammates actually have a chance to miss their shots, instead of being 100% accurate.

Teammate behavior reworked - I was thinking, instead of bots being able to rescue other bots that are incapacitated, they will just go for the player, but the player would have to rescue the other bots themself. I had to come to this conclusion because the bots trying to find whichever player was closest to revive was just not working at all.

However, I am still have trouble finding a way for the bots to not get stuck on walls, rocks, etc. When trying to get to the player.

Note for gameplay so far:

You might notice that after a while, eggs will began to spawn ALOT more enemies. The goal is to destroy the eggs before they hatch a new enemy, stopping a giant horde of them to appear.

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