FLOWJAM #3 - Entries are open! Rules discussion.

As asked these are the new rules for FLOWJAM:

  1. Now the deadline is longer. It will take 2 weeks to be over.
  2. Flowjam will only happen once per month. or once per two months. people have life ahah

Please tell me what you think and let’s discuss the rules so everyone agrees and participate :slight_smile:


Flowjam will have his start at 1st June and the deadline still has to be decided.

If it starts June 1st, that’s a Friday, so 2 weeks after that would be the 15th, but we can drag it to end Sunday night on the 17th, in case people need that extra 2 weekend days to finish.

That sounds like a reasonable deadline.

@“Mhx Ar” Yeah I agree, that would be really nice.

Oh here, I’ll announce this for you so more people see it.

theme entries?

You click on the link and add a type of game genres or theme like for example space shooter, or space, platformer or dungeon, retro arcade, or even sport. Doesn’t really matter what you put, because it needs to win the voting poll. Whatever theme gets the most votes, it’s up to people that decide to join the competition to make a game based on that type of theme.

It’s not the theme that has more votes… It gets decided randomly.

If anyone wants to check a more in deep about flowjam: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/5882/flowjam-results-posted/p1
(if you are new just give it a glance so you don’t break a rule)

You can vote on something that has already been voted to increase its chances, but theres always a small chance a minority can get selected

oh ok thx

Guys submit THEMES not Genres please

Why didn’t you just make choices or something

what do u mean?

Voting for already made themes?

Random selection of theme and genre…
So theres a chance we vote on genre or a chance we vote on theme… keeps people on their toes

If themes and genre would be picked all the games would be very similar

No, theme OR genre. Not both

Which one we do is 50:50 though

I really don’t mind if both go up, because only one vote will win. Adds variety to chance. When I say I don’t mind if both go up, I don’t mean people can vote for both things, I mean you can either vote for a genre, or you can vote for a theme. This prevents people from already starting their game. They have no idea if it would be a platformer or shooter, they have no idea if it will be themed.

i just submitted

What do I do with the current votes? Pick one randomly even if they are game themes or genres?
Next time I will do a Pool instead of votes. Easier and prevent this.

And you guys agree to this contest finish at 17th July right?