Flowjam entry: Next Door

Hello all, I know ive been a stranger on the forums, but just submitted my Flowjam entry. Anyone want to point out all my glaring bugs and glitches while i still have time to fix them? I’ve got time set aside Sunday morning for last minute emergency clean up, so let me know. I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun making it.


I thought this was a fun and frolic game, and then…

Great job!


I love this. This is so good.

I love the photos used in the game, the ambience, and the whole vibe of it. Makes me want to make a game out of just pictures like a scrapbook lol Well done! No bugs noted thus far:D


Hey! Glad you like it! Creating the creepy atmosphere was one of my main goals (that and making a “backrooms” style game out of weird generic apartment photos). My original plan had almost twice as many rooms and checkpoints etc, but im glad i cut back and didnt over scope for the jam. Maybe i’ll add the othrr rooms after the jam.


You definitely should add those more rooms after the jam. I’l surely play them! (Without getting a heart attack?)

I love this game! Incredibly creative and spooky

Spoilers for those who haven't played

You can click on the elevator doors before it stops moving

I also think I managed to die in every way possible before finding the end lol

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