Flowjam: Moon Chickens

Seems like a lot of other people are making these posts for feedback, so why not.

Here’s my game:

Particularly curious if people feel the labels and alert hints are helpful, too helpful, not helpful enough, or just plain distracting and getting in the way. [edit: and also, relatedly, where people get stuck and can’t figure out the next step]

Also, are the chickens too aggressive or too scatterbrained (or both)?

And did you find any bugs?

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Looks like a fun game! Is it mobile compatible? If so I’ll play it.

Other people could give you a better opinion
@ManiacPumpkin @rcreger @browngr


I currently don’t have time today to play it, but I’ll try it sometime tomorrow I when I get the chance.

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No, unfortunately- requires keyboard arrows. Haven’t experimented with mouse/clicker controls yet.

Try using GUI to make buttons that activate the keyboard controls

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Good to know for the future.

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Really easy to add and toggle. Try it at some point. Good luck with the flowjam