Flowjam submissions are closed, now the fun part... 🕛

Flowlab Submissions have now been closed! :partying_face:

A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted games this time around, this is the biggest response ever, with more than 80 games entered.

I hope everyone had fun working on their games, enjoyed the theme, and is proud of what they created - The games I’ve played so far have all been super impressive, and I think the competition is going to be really tough.

The entries can be found here, and if you submitted a game please take time (after some probably much needed rest) to play and rate as many of the entries as you can. The more ratings that are collected, the more fair and accurate the end result will be.

If you didn’t submit a game, that’s OK too - please play the entries, and leave (constructive) feedback here if you like.

Good luck everyone!



80?? Man, it’s going to be while to get through them all - guess I’ll call it a night.

Lot’s of good ones so far though, I really like what everyone did this jam.


I’ll be streaming me playing and reviewing these games on twitch, I’ll post a topic when it’s up.

Edit: Fun Flowlab Event Stream! (Flowjam Stream) — Join in! - #2 by DinoDev


Also everyone rating games, please rate at least 1 star on each game for your vote to count for that game.


Hey! I reviewed a TON of games today for 5+ hours straight! I wrote quick reviews for each one, here’s the topic link: Flowjam Quick Reviews (streamed) - DinoDev


The winner of the jam gets the beautiful (totally real) trophy Flowlab Game Creator - And The Flowjam Winner Is...