flowl@b bug!!

Objects in the UI layer cannot produce alerts after the first couple of times.
Also i can’t send messages to specific objects (not types). I think this bug was old, not because of the new update.


I’ll check it out - do you have a link that will reproduce this alert problem?

It was in Smash Reset, but I just went around it. It’s just that all objects in the UI layer cannot produce alerts. But it works at first a couple of times, for some reason.

The attacher showing on the editor is not fixed yet :frowning:

I cannot reproduce that issue with the attacher - do you know how I can make it happen? If so, it should be a simple fix.

here’s a link to Smash Reset:
If you go to “Battlefield” and press the “Down” arrow key, a shield should appear. Then, if you go back to the editor, sometimes the shield shows up.

it only sometimes appears, though. I don’t know the reason behind it ;-;
Once it kept appearing every time after I played, and once it never did.

The match rotation thing is glitched again
It matches rotation regardless of the setting

@jngthree - the match rotation glitch is fixed, but please make a new thread to report new bugs so I can keep track of them more easily :slight_smile:

is the message bug fixed yet?

I haven’t been able to reproduce the message bug so far, are you still seeing it?