Flowlab All Stars [Officially Un-canceled!]

Have a character from your game featured in a new game I’m creating! ill give you credit in the description. You can also suggest a stage idea. more characters and stages can be added!


Finished Stages:
Galactic Finale
Frozen Caves
Illusion Dimension
Nightfall Duel

Players in works:
Smoke: From my game
Blocky: From my game
Marvelo: From my game
Kaizomorph: From my game
Umbra: From my game
Paluna: From my game
Stella: From my game
Gale and Cosmo: From my game
Captain Neo: from Orangepeel369
Wizard: From Wizard quest
10: From 8-bit_studio
Aaster From: Scrapstudios
Robot from: A stitch in time
Sam: From Decimation of Mankind
Formula-D: From buy3get5free
T.0.D.D: From A-box

link to NEW game: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1523416


If you want you can go ahead and add sam from DoM 1

Feel free to ask anything you need

Unrelated to the topic, but how much are you on the forums? You seem to notice EVERYTHING the minute it goes up lel

I’m almost always online

lol i come here often to check up on things.

How come when every one does not make this game and I say I am every one starts doing it, it’s really annoying and your probably not going to make the game anyway. My information here is based on past events and can likely not happen but this is what I have seen so far so like if you are actually going to make the game, well then good luck. Guess I’ll have to challenge you. Lol :+1:

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@GrimProductionZ I actually never thought about that. Before you said you were making a super smash bros type game I only saw 1 or 2 discussions about it, and now that you made that thread I’ve seen about 5 or 6 lol

Normally I wouldn’t agree about something like this, but even I cannot deny this lmao

Yeah I wish more people would stick to what they say.

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lol heres what i have so far for my character. all characters will have double jump, if u have any suggestions for your characters attacks and jump animations tell me. https://flowlab.io/game/view/1516463

and, i was thinking on making this game long before you stated you were making it, but i forgot all about it, but when you finally said you were making it, it reminded me of it. so, yea i guess well have a challenge.>:)

Glad you accept. This ones going to be fun :wink: and good luck :+1:

@GrimProductionZ do you have any characters you would like featured? ill give you credit in description.

How are you going to have the attacks set up?

Is it going to be like smash with special attacks a’s and smash attacks? (and grabs)

idk about grabs but ill have seperate buttons for attacks. there will be a regular attack using the “e” button and there will be special attacks using the “I,J,K,L” buttons

I’m mostly keeping the character ideas for my game but I’ll let you add me. Basically a tall black skeleton with lightning abilities and has 2 ruby scythes.

okay (at least 20 characters)

You can add my robot from robo control, how can i send it to you?

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Just making sure…you know what sam looks like right?

just in case could you send some screenshots for your characters guys?

sure just send a screenshot