Flowlab: All Stars Stage Ideas

We need stage ideas that are BASED OFF any of your games, but they have to be good.


Flowlab Origins

Galactic Finale

Realm Of Light

2D Land

Nightfall Duel

Cloudtop Brawl


Apprentice’s Rooftop

Blocky Arena



Temple Trouble

Qumu Stadium

Formula Speedway

Neon Cryptons

Ace Vanguard

Frozen Caves

Illusion Dimension

Dark Descent

Twisted City

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Here is my stage idea for The Facility:

There are seven platforms. There are four on the ground to resemble a normal looking tiled floor, but there are three holes in it for those missing pieces are floating in the air being held up by vines or tentacle-like plants that grew intensely form the breach. There could even be an alarm light going off, and pieces of the ceiling will occasionally fall causing moderate health loss. In the center of the round or the middle floating platform could have Subject 007, the table. Since it is practically harmless and all it does is give you a random item from a radius of 300 feet. Although in the actual story, you have to give it a item in return, the more high tier the item, the better chance of it to return an even better item, but since this is a Smash bros. type game, you can just make it give out an item to a player if they interact with it, but has a cool down and must recharge a while before giving out another item. Most items could be like a one use power up like a P90. That usually lasts until its out of ammo. A keycard, which is just a bogey item, just to add some realism, but doesn’t have any effect, unless you find a way to make it useful. A small knife, and a few other items that you could find around a facility.

Not sure if this would entirely work out, but It’s the only idea that I can think of for my current game. If you want I could come up with something for Day to Night, maybe.

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What if each character has a stage that is based on their original game like in SSB, if you want to do this you could make a stage with a track themed stage for Formula-D for example you could make the ground have a white and red pattern like a formula track, maybe have flags in the background or something but I’m just spitballing here so this could be a terrible idea.

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no these are great ideas!

this is alot to add so ill try my best and see what i can do, but this sounds amazing!

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Hey, @ShadowGaming , you could add a stage in space from Ace Vanguard.
First, you could make the base flooring look like a giant asteroid, with a few floating space rocks as platforms. These space rocks could move, and bump into each other, or they could just gently rise and fall.
Also, another idea I had for the map would be to have occasional Ace Fighters flying through the map, and if you don’t dodge them in time, you could take serious damage.

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hasnt been made yet but i will have a stage that has is randomized

I have a map for Jace

Apprentice’s Rooftop:
Takes place on a slightly slanted symmetrical rooftop, this is a walled bottom stage. A few visitors may appear in the background, some spirits, and some magicians. A few may even affect the stage by shaking it or dropping projectiles. Changes between four seasons that change the background and appearance of the stage, with no gameplay change.
Visitors: Sensei J - Watches from the background, no effect
Marisa - Flies around the background on her witch broom. If someone uses an All-Star attack when she is on screen, she joins in with a huge laser!
Three Elemental Yokai - This trio flies around the stage background, no effect
Seasons Spirit - Appears to signal a season change.
Bipedal Mecha no-03 - Appears as a stage boss and shoots missiles, destroy it for an extra life
Ice Fairy - Appears in the background and gets chased by Marisa before crashing into a tree.
Crimson - A vampire and it’s assistant, appears in the background, watching. The assistant holds a parasol.

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oh i got an idea! would you be able to make a new game, and make this stage and give me the link then ill copy it into the game?

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I suck at making things, I can do just concepts lol

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I can attempt that for my map idea, but it probably won’t go very well.

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okay, then ill try my best.

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ill try and remake yours as well, but can you go into FAS and add alot more objects so i can?

Heres mine

The Neon Cryptons
Is the home of the vine monsters and is also a abandoned temple
As Catsmith(add this character) Ventures to save neon world he needs the sacred party ball and this temple and him are teleported to FAS
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i love it (202020202202)

No heres the real thing about read discription

This is the tenth time seeing this, lol. Although its okay to show it on a few discussions, but not every one that you see.

you actually flagged it :joy: :joy: :joy: :no_bell:

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Plz Play With Me: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1167868

i named this stage “formula raceway”

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