Flowlab coins

I’m thinking like we could watch ads by pressing a button or something to earn “flowlab coins”. Then we can trade them in for privileges.
free users: extra objects (3 coins or so), levels (15?) or games (40~)- 50 is so small, and if money’s the problem watching ads could cover some of that right? I want to continue battle island but am missing about 8 objects :frowning:
other: make 1 multiplayer game? Sign up for promotion, host a game contest, team up to make games…

But the main thing I want is more objects :confused:

Grazer made flowlab to make money

( ? ?? ?)

He wants that free users buy a premium account. But if a free account is already good, why would people buy for a premium account then?

If you didn’t know… The object and level limit for free users used to be infinite a few years ago, but the limit of games were 2. That’s better, isn’t it? :frowning:

That’s why I suggested ads. If more levels and games are too much maybe at least be able to watch ads and get a maximum of 55 objects per game (1 extra object for every 3 ads or so.) I reeeeaally need a couple more

I did presume there were unlimited levels at first when I saw a post called “WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH?! 5 FREE LEVELS REMAINING?!” guess I joined too late

There will be no way there will be ads

I meant like those buttoned ads, like in mobile devices. And note that I quit this idea more than a week ago

Yeah, you gravedigger

Hahah that gravedigging becomes even funny lol