🎨 Flowlab Color Picker - Now with HEX colors

Hey everyone, not a big project release, but it’s something cool too :slight_smile:

Me, @JR01, and @TinkerSmith made this way back as a test game when working on the FlowFx, so you might recognize the UI from there eheh.

I polished this up slightly to be user-friendly as well as added a random color button and the copy color code button, so we could use it to import color codes into other projects.

The Flowlab Color Picker:


Color Code Explanation - RGB% Code:
Every three digits represent the % of its specific color.

RRR - 027
GGG - 100
BBB - 066

Inputting these values into the Color behavior will make a (white) object become the color you see on the color picker.

Feel free to use this color system to convert and make colors for your games.
This kind of system can be used for customization on sprites.

I’m opening this up because it might be helpful to someone out there since the code is a bit hidden inside Flowfx. Have fun? ahah :blush:

Link again :link: : https://flowlab.io/game/play/1476258


Oooh yeah, I’ll have to look at it sometime and see if i can improve the code like i did with the ease.


this is very well made!


New Update:
The color picker now features the HEX color space too.


So now we can convert HEX colors to the Flowlab RGB.
And projects, like the upcoming Label/Font bundle, can now read hex colors and apply them to the flowlab object :slight_smile:

Sources/ How I did it:
I was only able to do this with this converter:
Percent to Hex Converter — Joshua Miron

I made an Excel list from 0 to 100, converted it to HEX, and added the extra symbols so the result could turn into a list through the Import code window.

Import code ended up looking like this:
It’s easier to add this many list entries by text rather than clicking on the add button from the flowlab UI
(the order gets all messed up & takes too much time).