Flowlab Contests

So I’m gonna host some contests like Game Jams and Challenges for people to participate in, with the only reward being bragging rights.

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hmmm yes I won the pee-pee poo-poo chungus game jam, how could you tell?


When’s the first theme coming?

ya i will try…

… whats the theme .

Theme will be “Isometric”

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@The_Kodex @Haevoc @bentley.holmquist @theglitch055 Theme: (poll ends in 2 hours)

  • Unconventional weapons
  • Inconvenient superpowers
  • Upgrade yourself

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hey dude that’s my job

Ok Game Jam starts tomorrow, and ends a week after it starts.2020-12-15T06:00:00Z2020-12-22T06:00:00Z
Theme is Unconventional Weapons

I don’t know what the theme means

me eather…

@Haevoc @bentley.holmquist It’s an item that wouldn’t normally be used as a weapon, or a weapon that’s totally nonsense.

and i dont know what isometric

I have no idea how I’m suppose to make a game with that can you please redo the theme please. Maybe

It’s not really important i just said that since i was making a isometric game. Isometric is basically a style like the game Q-Bert

so you’re saying you don’t know how to make a weapon sprite that doesn’t look like something you would use as a weapon? for example, you could use a chicken as a weapon.

ok got it but im going to sit this contest out i cant make animations

I’m not saying that i want to make a game thats unique. I don’t feel like waste it my time on something like a chicken as a weapon. No offense i just don’t know how to make a professional game with this.

that’s the point. you don’t have to make it look professional, it just has to be fun/funny.

Well then i guess I’m just going to continue my other game and just enter it even though the theme does not related but whatever.