flowlab creaator

who made flowlab


Ken Railey! Also known as Grazer but I don’t know why.

Probably because my name is Nicholas, but I go as CBG

Is your name @Latif3 ?


Uh, yes I am?

@grazer Because we’re talking about my name now, my forum name is still Latif3 instead of Latif :frowning:

Is it ever going to change

Please :frowning:

I think he changed it but he forum name didnt update for some reason- I dont know why mine did though

@Latif3 - if you click your name on the left side of the forum, then “edit profile” and change your username, it doesn’t work?

There’s no edit profile button, maybe it’s only for admins?
Forum profile


@CrimsonBlackGames Preferences is not edit profile

btw, I just tried finding http://forum.flowlab.io/profile/edit and it worked, but the username text box is disabled.

Also signature doesnt work, and I want to remove mine:

Signature has never worked for me. It just never loads the page.

@CrimsonBlackGames Signatures are only shown in your own discussions.

@grazer Fix this forum. Vanilla sucks lol.

@Latif3 - agreed, Vanilla is terrible. This is actually the second one we’ve tried, and it was a real pain to switch over. I’ve actually been considering switching to Discourse, but we’ll probably lose all the uploaded images in threads. It might be worth it though, I dunno.

@grazer So the first one was even worse? Can’t you just fix everything on this forum? I made a list with bad things that should be updated:

  1. You can’t see who created the thread in the discussion list (in the past it was possible)
  2. In the discussions page you can’t see if you’ve read a newly created topic (in the past it was also possible)
  3. Signatures aren’t working (in the past this was working)
  4. In the categories page you can’t see if there are new posts/discussions
  5. Remove tags, they’re useless

By the way, I don’t like how this forum is built too. The categories are not really good, people aren’t using them correctly. The category page should be the main page of this forum, subforums with new posts/discussions will be highlighted or whatever:

* Announcements All update announcements for flowlab go here.
* General General discussions, for example: game design, art, sound/music, asking for opinions, tutorials etc.
* Questions Do you have a question or do you need help with your game? Post here!
* Suggestions Any suggestions you have can be posted here.
* Bug reports Found a bug? Please report it here.
* Showcase Want to share a game with us? Post it here with the link!

This would be a lot more organized. If you add some moderators like CBG or me we can move topics to different subforums. It’s actually too late for that, but we should learn from our mistakes.

I’d love to fix all the problems with this forum, but if I spend two weeks working on that, then it’s two weeks I have to ignore Flowlab features.

Also, this forum is written in garbage php code, so it’s not straightforward to fix :frowning: