Flowlab Drum Machine Beta Release + Dev Log

Hi I’m Baconcat! Do you like Drum Machines? Great! (im kinda hopin you said yes lol) Because I made one in Flowlab! Flowlab Game Creator - Flowlab Drum Machine
Its is in its beta stages right now, But Im planning to make a little better Textures and Text, aswell as a Screen trasition between menu and Machine.
Heres the Key binds for the drums:
Red - C - Kick
Yellow - V - Snare
Blue - B - Hi-Hat
Green - D - Reverse Cymbal
Purple - J - Crash Cymbal
Peach - F - High Tom
Orange - G - Med Tom
Brown - H - Low Tom
(You can also click on them with your mouse, meaning that it works on mobile devices too.)


This is a cool idea, maybe have a help button that shows keybinds? or put the letter key on the button that is played by that letter? (if any of those options make sense…)

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Good idea, Ill put the letter on the buttons

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Alrighty, thanks!

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Ok, so i’m Planning to add more sounds, where you can choose up to 9 diffenrent sounds to be on the main pallet to actually drum on, but then you can go to a different menu where you actually select the sounds you want them to play instead of them being fixed to a cirtain sound, now the question is, What kindof sounds should I add?
Ill list a few of my ideas,
Kick 2 - Bassier Kick (kinda like tom)
Snare 2 & 3 - Weaker and More heavy Snare
Open Hi-hat - Hi-Hat with a longer durration
Cowbell - (you know what a cowbell is)
Ride Cymbal - Long Quiet Cymbal
Splash Cymbal - very high Cymbal
(Suggest more!)


“ALL OF THEM” is a good idea, but what does that quite sound like? lol



like this

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Thats not drums tho, Its just a very strange remix on my cover on the smb 1 underwater theme…

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