Flowlab GAME CONTEST!!!!!


make a game with the theme of minecraft

Ugh… I have hyper survival but it’s nowhere close to mine craft- though it is building themed

Even though this is an outdated thread…

Hyper survival: corruption, a 2D sidescrolling open world crazy platformer sandbox shooter game.

this will WIN

Featuring Sam, the main character of the HYPER franchise, and REVENGE, one of flowlabs first RPG!

Taking advantage of flowlabs proximity, position, and extractors to bring you the best building experience.

Tear apart the world as we bring you bunnies and blocks… And a heap ton of shadow monsters. Press F to mine and C to open up the building Log to tell you how to build with the cursor.

Use the arrow keys to move your cursor, use asdw to move sam, and press z to change spawn point.

Stepping on sand changes the soundtrack and stepping on grass changes it back,

I will also soon make an underground theme…

And DONT forget the Q button!!!