Flowlab.io needs to add alpha to the GUI bar otherwise i cant make my game

@grazer i need this because my game is bugged and there are multiple objects that have one bar for a progress bar on opening a crate i do one and the bar does not show up for the other ones please fix that if not i think the GUI bars having an alpha input like the GUI test might work

Use this:

And import in. Best pixel art software I know.

Hey @GrimProductionZ - your best best is probably to make a custom bar. That way it can do whatever you want: https://flowlab.io/game/play/487532

I would but i just want it to be a plain bar plus i already have everything set up for the normal bar

Actually nvm @grazer I just realized it would be better to make my own because I can make it a attacher which then when it goes away and still will come back plus I can make it float over the players head like the pickup e button.

Still would be a nice GUI feature to add for like more people who are just joining Flowlab.io

Sorry for doubting you

Hopefully you fix that mobile bug so i can actually make a custom Bar???

I havent had any problems getting kicked out so well done @grazer