Flowlab.io - New Game The Legend of John

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The games pretty good and its a great start in the coding universe, but I would have to recommend probably leaning away from using the default sprites since it makes the game feel unprofessional, but when i first started Flowlab that’s all i would use, lol. After a while you will get accustomed to using your own sprites and the game would look a lot better.

Also I really liked the health design, although they need to look a little but more like health, maybe change them to hearts instead of red blocks. But I can tell that the game isn’t finished since you can’t beat the second level. I actually never used that health design in any of my games, I usually use the bar behavior but it usually depends on what type of health system you like using.

The game does lack some imagination since its just a basic platformer and doesn’t really involve much difficulty or actual goal. You just continue walking and pick up a key and it unlocks the door and stuff. Which I like the door design, but you could make the key a little challenging to get like maybe some parkour or something. Maybe even a boss battle.

The enemies look a little generic as well, since they are just default sprites moving back and forth. I thought it was like mario style enemies and tried jumping on them, but I guess they don’t die. Which adds a little bit of difficulty but not by much.

Sorry this is starting to turning into a review. I think the game has great potential, but my biggest recommendations are to lean away from the default sprites and add some features to the game that isn’t to haven’t been used in platformers. I can’t really come up with any examples cause my brain isn’t working today, lol. But I’m sure you can probably come up with something. Good luck on your game and I can’t wait to see the finished results.

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