Flowlab is confusing

I can’t seem to figure out why my game is cloning an object. It’s not working how I want it to. I would like some help, but first I have to provide a link and explain the issue in greater detail.

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No one helps you because no one wants to help you. You are impatient, demand help, and worst of all, you blame us for YOUR failure. If you think it okay for that. You aught to leave, because we dont need this kind of toxicity.

Bottom line: Calm down, or get out.

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Fixed your post. Try to be a little more reasonable and polite. People will be more likely to help someone that is friendly. Without a game link or an explanation as to what causes the issue, we have no idea what you’re referring to. You’ve also made many topics recently, all about the same thing, try to keep them all in one post.

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So you guys are telling me that you got no friends and I have to deal with it. Well I don’t think so.

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Latif3 I don’t want to be mean but You guys Made me think of one of the kids at my school one time and LIES HIS WAY OUT! got me ticked off never liked him again. But I do know how to change the code to this game.

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Flowlab is not a code changing program, it is a behaviors program. Basically, the people who created Flowlab already did the coding for the behaviors and all you have to do is set the behaviors to where they work. Like you said before, 23gz4932, please post the project and explain the problem in detail so we can help you. Also, please be more kinder in how you respond, it may affect your replies positively.

@“Cap. Red Crab” Only one guy has created flowlab, Grazer :tongue:

-And has passed into legends, Latif3. :+1:

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You want to know the truth well I keep thinking that is not sending it so I wasn’t sure but you guys are just being punks not really telling me how to fix it but I am not Triggered or anything like that. I wasn’t really sure if it was doing this or not :frowning:

Punks? You’re the one being a punk. Be polite in your posts and comments and speak to us later.

“Bottom Line: Calm down, or get out.” - CrimsonBlackGames, 2018

Hey, a word of advice: Don’t tell people not to lie when you’re the one lying more than anyone else. When someone points out your fault, being defiant makes things worse. Accepting it and not making the same mistake again makes forum members like you. Ignoring them and insulting people for criticizing you makes people hate you, and they won’t want to help.

If you want people to change their manner towards you, stop ranting and start behaving. You brought this on yourself, and complaining about it just makes things worse. I agree with CB on this one.

I don’t think that this torch and pitchfork Witch Hunt is really necessary. I only ever ask that users do 4 things.

  1. Be nice, or at least treat people how you want them to treat you.
  2. Don’t spam, or make a bunch of similar topics.
  3. If you’re talking about a game, post a link to it.
  4. If you need help with something, use as much detail and explanation as possible, otherwise we won’t know what we are looking for to help with.

If you were doing at least one or two of those, we would be happy to help you, but I still have no idea what game or object you are talking about, even though you’ve made a bunch of topics now.

  1. Don’t comment on discussions if the last comment is older than a month. Only allowed in your own discussion.

AKA Gravedigging

Well unless there is a good reason, like if I find a huge bug or want to know if they are continuing the game and are still active, but working on something else. If the user isn’t active, don’t comment, especially anything older than 3 months. If they still come online, it is more reasonable.