FlowLab Multiplayer fundraiser? Is this needed?

It seems as if this is the most requested feature. About a year ago Max Air said they would need a lot of money to create a huge computer server in order to achieve this for Premium Users! But my post solves that solution by having NO servers at all! In fact YOU are the server. Post here: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/946/html5-gameplayereditor-online-multiplayer-feature-explained-for-grazer-2nd-comment-#Item_9 (look at 2nd comment).

So although you still need money in order to complete this, you probably won’t need as much because I’m positive that Peer to peer connection is cheaper than a large computer hosting a large server.

Anyways what do you think everyone? Should the community start a fundraiser? Post down below!

Mhx Air

haha you really want this don’t you @PixelStudios

Just sayin’

Didnt you already do 3 multiplayer posts in the last week :slight_smile:

Maybeeeee… ;3

i think there should be a fundraiser for it,i would love to make a PVP game