Flowlab- not saving current state

Hey, my issue is that I set up my animations for player, all worked fine, walking, attack, jumping etc. Well was working last night, now my animations are all messed up, IE. walking had parts of the jumping animation in it, and same for the others all had a mash up of the other animations. This annoyed me to no end, but I sat and redid all the animations, lots of clicking but not too hard.

Now my bigger issue is after redoing all of this, going back in to game to test, none of the stuff I have just done has saved, I even redid it a second time but still no joy. Wondered if anyone else had this issue. I have resigned in and out, refreshed the page, this work is for a college project and I will fail if I can’t submit a completed game.

Thanks in-advance


There is an issue with animations that I am currently working on. It should be sorted out soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

Are other changes also not saving properly? What sort of changes specifically?