Flowlab Paper We are back baby!


  • Don’t spam requests the more you spam the more likely it will get voided
  • Be patient I don’t always have time to push these out but thank you all for waiting
  • Be nice to all interviewers they are just doing their job
  • Feel free to recommend anything
  • And any requests to get featured in the paper please send it via direct message to me or a reporter
  • Lastly, just be nice

Jobs go as listed

(Reporter) - Get the latest news I don’t have all the time to do this myself!

(Reviewer) - Review the latest games.

(Interviewer) - Interview any game designers or even the grazer to get some news!

(All jobs are unpaid (obviously) this is a free paper so it’s nonprofit this is just a fun project so enjoy yourselves!)


I’d like to be a reviewer, I enjoy reviewing games and feel good feedback is necessary for individuals in our community to grow as developers.


I could be an interviewer. I like asking people questions about things they do :upside_down_face:

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I -

You don’t know who I am Frost so I will say (also I love ur papers :D)

I am @Blackhole_1001 or @8-bit_Studio

those accounts are the same person: me

so basically I made this account cuz im getting indie later as Blackhole or 8bit studio I probably didn’t reply to these kinds of topics now I am and im having a game I would like on the Paper someday thats all bye : )

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