Flowlab RPG Devlog

Ello everyone! I have decided to randomly make a RPG, with you all as the characters. I believe the TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab did something like this, but I’m not sure if he/she/they are still working on it or not. Nonetheless, I will be making my own as well. I will be using the following users or their characters in the game(please TELL ME if you don’t want them to be included in the RPG)

I have @ you all just in case you don’t want me using your avatar or characters in the RPG.

This project will be different from my other ones, because this time I have an actual plan.
Also, I was originally going to call this the FloRPG, until I realized that TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab already used that exact name for his/her/their RPG. I’ll think of a different name later.


i wanna be included, i’l think about what i want to have in the game

Alright! Thanks for telling me early on. If you would’ve asked me this in the middle of the development, I might not have been able to do it, so thanks for telling me now. This is also a message to any other users who may want to be included in the RPG. If you want to be put into the game, tell me while its still in the making!

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Sure you can include Gamougg! By the way, you were very close to spelling his name correctly, you should pat yourself on the back since most new Gamougg mentioners don’t get it right, or even that close the first time! :smiley:

Name idea: It’s Flowlabbin’ time!

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What about me?

I can still put you in the game! Do you want yourself or one of your game characters in the RPG?

Either is fine, whatever works best

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Alright. Thanks for asking me early on :slight_smile:

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Would you be interested in including Cuby?


Are they gonna be a main character or an Easter egg?

There have been many different users attempt some sort of collaboration based game including the users as characters, but they were usually abandoned.

Also if we are all supposed to be characters, what does it mean as items? Like some users are more relatable to being an item? Or is that just an option?

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Can I be a penguin? A penguin

Yes (20 characters auuuuuuugh)

I was thinking of ducky being a boss battle thingy

Um, don’t you mean always? I genuinely hope that this one doesn’t have the same fate as all of the others.

I’ll try to keep this alive as long as possible ;-;

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I don’t actually know who Cuby is. I wouldn’t mind adding him/her/it into the RPG though!


Ello everyone! I have begun work on the battle system. In my last devlog, which was me making a Pokemon game, the battle system was incredibly annoying. This battle system is a lot more simplistic, so hopefully it won’t be too hard. I’m also planning out the map of the first world or level or whatever you want to call it.

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CubeTales Series Lore
original design:
nhgcr has more on his computer I believe