Hello! I Have Ben Using My Trial of Flash CC. So I thought of making a flow lab simulator!

Just Wanted To See How It Works On You Guys!

link: http://flashflowlab.weebly.com

also grazer, if u want i can give u the actionscript3 source code :wink:
(You need adobe flash CC 2014)

Hey guys, 1.2 is out! Added Some New Features! :smiley:

How did u post that on your website and you don’t have to download it

i used the flash element

EDIT: If u want flash games for your website, use the free weebly flash element. BUT, you have to have the swf file!

Sorry, Guys, My Trial Ran Out D: No Updates For A While!

How did you download your game as a swf file or make it an swf file

i exported it


file/export/export as movie then make it a swf file

alright i couldn’t figure out how to do that so i just used the embedded but that would cut away part of my game do you know how to fix this

nope. i’m new to flash but try to squeeze in the stuff thats getting cropped.

ok thanks and what kind of computer do you use because i use apple and couldn’t figure out how to export it as a movie

i use mac too :smiley: