Flowlab Tower Defense Survey/Vote

Me and Super_Spring2688 are developing one of the first tower defense games on flowlab right now, and since it’s one of the first, we want some original flowlab characters created by you guys to be in the game! Here what you have to do for us to consider putting your character in the game:

Game From:
Possible Attack Idea:

name: JNG (lord of fire)
game from: vs franchise, Temple explorer franchise, and JNation adventures, or dash

pick any version of the character you like

BTW Base bomber was one of the first tower defences, untill i made it more of a defence than tower

Thanks jngthree, I’ll be putting JNG in Flowlab Tower Defense soon, is their a specific attack you may want JNG to have?

fireballs? arrows? in my signature game he uses a bow, but in my most played one its a fireball

use the sprite from my latest game JNation adventures https://flowlab.io/game/play/188752

@jngthree, okay, expect some sort of Alpha to be out in a couple weeks or so

got it
is JNation in your thought turning out well?

I’ve made tower defense examples before. Very painful, pretty annoying. I’d like to see how you’re going about objects following the path road and automatically aiming at objects.

@jngthree, yeah, probably going to do the fireball attack idea of yours, since it’s slightly simpler

@Mhx Air, That part will be a bit tricky, but I think it will turn out pretty well in the end

I made a very very unfininshed example…
Its very bad but its a concept :confused:

isnt a arrow simpler?

yeah… emitted objects dont seem to work with proximity…

maybe you need to make the towers turn left and right randomly and an enemy detects on it tells the tower to fire

hey… from what game i listed are you using the character sprite?

@jngthree, for JNG I’m using a JNG sprite that will be facing forwards, kinda like the one in TE2, but with the look from JNation

Sweet! I took 2 solid hours working on that sprite

From Hunter
Grenades and UZI
The game: http://afropx.blogspot.pt/p/blog-page_4.html