Flowlab tutorials on Youtube Very helpful i'm going to make alot of them unlike Latif


That would be nice. I was too lazy to make more videos because it’s too much work to add the captions, and I often have to watch the video again to fix the typos. I wish I could speak English well so I don’t have to edit the video anymore.

The video you posted is not working for me btw.


Yeah, Ive honestly considered making tutorials, explaining all the nodes from top to bottom, how to use them, etc.

I cant post on YouTube, but I might be able to just post the videos here

The video doesn’t work, because they just posted a link to their roblox youtube channel, instead of to a video.

Actually i dont do roblox anymore Its terrible cant believe i used to like it any way this is a working link hopefully this is to the first vid if it does not work than search Classic_Mushroom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWBIEHwosew&t=63s