Flowlab Users, Request your Avatars here-

All users, if you would like for me to put you(your avatar for your profile) into my new game, please respond and tell me what kind of sprite you want for your Avatar? I have dragons, Golems robots, anything you want as a sprite I should be able to get for you, This game is very much like a fighting game featuring all flowlab members who want to be implemented within the game, be aware that your characters implemented in the game will be fighting the main character “Reality Glitch”. Here is an example of the type of sprites i have at my disposel, This sprite is the Main antagonist, The Undying-


I’d like to be in the game. Als that sprite looks really nice


Thanks but it isnt technically my sprite so you can give credit to my friend, so what kind of sprite would you like?

A dragon (Yellow would be nice, but any other color is fine)

Alrighty i will present with the sprite tommorrow

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first off, wow what great spritework from your friend!

next, I’d like to be added - feel free to use the below image as reference (without the cyan outline), ideally it could be a slime-like jumping enemy.

anyway good luck with your game and have fun :slight_smile:

Hmm, so you would like a slime as your avatar? I can do that i can change the color with ease too, i will present it to you tommorrow and see how you like it!

yeah, kinda like a jumping square that has behaviors similar to a slime. not really a slime shape, more slime behavior

Like a gelatinous effect, but a solid color and shape of your profile pic?

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Maybe they just mean slime inspiration for the gameplay, but the design is their profile picture.

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I hate to be “this guy” but a square doesnt really fit the game so well, would this suit you?


can you do dex?

and if this isnt your art style could you atleast try to pixelate him?

what i meant is more of a “square” shape but with the behaviors of a slime. so a square that jumps. not a square slime; a square that jumps. no slime effect needed
cool animation, but not at all what i imagined lol

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Its supposed to represent your profile, so pick a sprite that represents your profile, characters from your own games dont even count, so please, take a look at you profiles name and think about what your about, then come to me with an idea for a sprite that represents both you and your account ok?

What you are requesting is somewhat difficult for matching the art style, how do you want me to do this?

This is very nice It’s wonderful

1 my profile pic has dex on it 2 dex is from one of my games 3 i dont know how to change my name

So if you could change your name it would be dex? Fine, this will be an exception to my requirements, i will add him.

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YES WHOOO HOOO LETTTSSSSS GOOOOOOO. THANKS SO MUCH! but will i be played as a player or a enemy bc dex is kinda a good guy

An enemy, but note that the people getting fought are not nessesarily enemies, but rather people who either think that the main character is causing this(me) or they are fighting for their own survival.

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