Flowlab's glitching out again...

Other than behaviors disappearing, sprites moving to different places and whole levels disappearing…
The levels don’t place themselves correctly, now I can’t put them in order like I want them to.
It says: level 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, and on the next page, 8.
Whenever I try to organize them it doesn’t work, not even when I input the numbers 6 and 7.
Please fix this asap

*And also, this happened in a lot of my other games, but with different numbers.
One of my levels also disappeared without any notice.

I’ve also seen that today with the levels. It’s really weird.

@grazer Instead of numbers, why don’t you just make levels to be able to drag and drop onto a different place. That would be much better. You can also hold the item on an arrow to go up and down. And maybe instead of a delete button you have to drop it in a trashcan :tongue:

Yeah… Grazer probably just made a mistake on the html coding, I hope it’s fixed soon.
I think numbers are still needed for people with lots of levels for better organization tho.

Hey @Luminous700 - I’ll check this out. This this “Haunted Mansion”, right? I can see the duplicated levels in that game.

You said you lost an entire level? If so, I’ll try to find & recover it for you.

ok, thanks

Hey @Luminous700 - I just went through the levels for that game and fixed the order manually. No levels were lost, the display list was just not showing them all since the order was wonky. You may need to adjust the order though.

I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem myself, but I’m going to look at changing the implementation to something more reliable, since there is clearly a problem with the current one.

I don’t think drag-and-drop is a viable solution, since not all levels show at once, and that would limit which position orders could be set.

Anyway, I’ll post an update when I have one.

okay, thanks for the heads-up

@grazer Starblast freezes when the game is over…

That and imported behaviors make emits spawn things like crazy when triggered

Hey @Luminous700 - the latest update addresses the level sorting problem. Let me know if you see any more problems with that.