Flowlab's Profit

Flowlab is getting money by making users, us. Pay for each month but i dont think thats fair.

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That’s totally fair, this is a subscription based website. If you so choose you don’t have to buy indie, and you can still make some really awesome games with free edition. How would you suggest a website like this be run? I think that it’s more than fair, you can always feel free to move to another platform that doesn’t have a free edition. Not trying to be rude, but this is the best way to run a website like this.


You make a good point, @TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab - please call the hosting companies and ask if they’ll accept my old Pokemon cards instead of money so we can keep the site running. Now that I think about it, you better call the grocery store too.

  • you see,that was sarcasim *

You say Flowlab is making money by “making” users…
could you explain what you think “making users” are?

Flowlab doesn’t sell your data or displays ads on every corner of the website.
How else is Flowlab making money outside the subscription?
(and yes, schools count as subscriptions too)


It is 100% fair for Flowlab to have a subscription service like a few have already pointed out. I personally don’t have indie and flowlab works great for me, and as long as it keeps running I’m happy. I don’t have the time to learn how to code Java Script or Python and Flowlab gives me (and many others) a way to turn our ideas into reality, whether it be a free account or an indie account.


Bruh 9 dollars thats cheap


Grazer needs to live, and he basically created everything, I think it’s only fair that he gets to profit off of his own work


you make a good point but i think that the way things are is still fair. they could always also install ads but i think grazer is a little more considerate then that, and he does also give indie users a way to cancel out their payment for indie by making money on the games made on his platform, so this is a lot better than, say, scratch.


Ya, might as well tell the hosting companies that I have 0.000000000001 Bitcoins which totally cost $1,275,328!
(Not to be rude)

True, Drafty. Even though hes probably paying for the website and his current rank.


Uhh, how are you supposed to do that?

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What country do you live in? Very few countries are cheap to that point.