Did I tell you that flowlab exists?
So I am here to tell you it exists.
Flowlab is a game creator with forums.
And games.
And discussions.
go to the website or the FBI Republic of Shreks Swamp will go to your house and shoot you.

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Well, this is starting to get out of hand @Gamer20, you need to stop spamming random discussions or keep all of these quotes in just one discussion. Im not sure whats your motive, but you might want to find a different solution than this.

@ManiacPumpkin k I’ll quit discussions entirely

Well, I didnt want to be rude since you added me to the Flowlab Smash game, I just figured that other people wouldnt find this kind of thing amusing and might get upset. I figured that I would try to let you know. Making a discussion is alright as long as everyone can somewhat benefit or relate to it. Some people might not even get what this is, so I didnt mean to be harsh.