FNAF game challenge

So I’m making a FNAF game challenge to see who can make the best FNAF based game. This will be like a game jam. Instructions: the instructions are simple. all you have to do is create a FNAF based game in 13 days. But you can’t copy the game in the exact same way. Use whatever strategy to make the game fun, for example:
-cheat menu
-custom night
-more unique game style
-jump scares that most of the time get you
Good luck! :wink:
(you can start at any date you want but you will have to make it in 13 days or less)

Edit: I will review your games and set up a leaderboard in another forum like game jam results. (so now its practically a game jam)


Sounds interesting! May or may not pass; I’ll just have to see how HAKK3R comes along in the coming days haha
But I’m 100% marking this down, glad to see more game jams popping up! Really makes the community feel more valuing of other users (=

this sounds like a fun challenge! and i was already thinking about making my own kind of fnaf style game as a remake/sequel to my game called “Escape The Dark: Teddy’s Revenge” but the sequel is called “Escape The Dark 2: Final Fright”

could you make it more than 7 days??..

well… I could extend it, but to how many days?

maybe 10 - 11 ? or something

lets say up to 10


ok i wanna do(022002020202)

I’m currently in charge of remaking galaxian games fnaf fangame so I prob won’t have time
though it will probably be done in about 10 days.
even if I did enter, I could just copy all the code from the remake and be done quickly, so thats not an option

Well it does not say in the rules that you can’t copy and paste code…

Is anybody else participating?

I might be able to if you postpone it

Ok, but im not going to do more than 13 days.


I am working on a fnaf based game myself and I have actually figured out the battery life mechanics. No offense to galaxian games, but you know in porkys nightmare when you quickly turn off the power and then you turn it back on and it restarts the whole percent?
I found a way to prevent it.

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thats not hard to make what so ever as I have one aswell

ok, any more people participating? as you can see there will be a leader board now. Just in another forum. I will display the top 3 games. (or less depending on the amount of people)