Focus II official support page

This thread is a designated support threat aimed at the mobile audience of Focus II. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this game, post it here!

I just tried focus II and its really unique and the transitions between stuff are cool.

My biggest question is why havent I seen it before? Have you posted it on the forums before now?

Neat game but the area where you can move the triangle is too small making it much harder to control

i have been looking for hours for a post about this game teach me your ways

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@witherdragon4 This originally started more or less as a way to test the usage of the sine and cosine functions, but also was a way to test the new color filter before it came out. Just takes time to understand the engine, is all. This game is incredibly simple, even for me

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@F3Art I really wanted to keep quiet about this game before I released to mobile. But here we are! Sorry for late reply

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