Folders for objects

I want to revive the idea of adding folders inside the library tab for specific groups of objects.
Sometimes it’s easier to manage like-objects if you can find them all in one place without the clutter.
For example; a game with more than a handful of NPC’s that you don’t want to be in your way when trying to find a specific element. I know there are work arounds such as using a single object to house multiple NPC’s or adding “!” to important objects, but I feel it would be far more convenient to just have folders for any game making style.


Agreed, would be helpful. I already organize similar to this like “Controller: (object)” for each controller object, and I do that with multiple categories.


I find myself with “!Player”, “!Game”, etc. and “zz_Npc1”, “zz_Npc2”, etc.
Not the end of the world, but back when I used Gamemaker 8.1 it seriously came in handy.