Hello gamers and geniuses! I am proud to present what I can do with the free version of flowlab before I upgrade it with the new version. FOODWARS is a video game about- well why should I tell you when you can just go to settings, then more, and check the story for yourself! Even though with all of the features, there can only be 2 levels, it’s still a fun game to play.

Hey guys! I am the same guy who created FoodWars, and I’d just like to say if you enjoy my game, comment like on my page; I ENJOYED FOODWARS! This will make my game more popular, and everyone will know that you supported my first game- thanks if you do so!!! (: (: O: O:

Plus, there has been an update where the settings are already on the main menu, so there are 2 more levels. Level 3 is a little glitchy right now though, but I don’t know why. Sry.