Footstep Sound

I have it set to play the sound when I press A or D, but the sound just, well, goes 1 trillion times

You might want to set it if you touch this object on the top (Or the bottom of the player) it will play this sound. This may give the sound the illusion that it is making footsteps. At least, that is what I did for my game, A Boy in Armor. You can check it out, just look at either the bridge pieces or the brick (There is a background and solid brick, choose the solid), for they make footstep noises, here it is: (And if you could, give it a like! People say they like it in their reviews, but don’t put one. Thanks!).

Try using a timer with the up input to reset

Thanks, the timer worked

@JR 01

No problem

I may have misinterpreted the question. Sorry about that!