For a better Flowlab

Hello Everyone! Im Rich from AfroPixel Team! Today I had a great idea … “I love to receive ideas for improving Flowlab” By: Grazer … so was thinking of creating a “pool” for us to say what we think the flowlab should have … Be feel free to write your ideas here … I hope the grazer love these ideas.

~ Rich Sam Toms

Ideia: No Size Limt (sprites)

Ideia:increased width and height limit (game screen)

Grazer say what you think of this “discussion”

Well,definitely PVP and controller support

There are already pvp

@jngthree WHAT?!?

Oh,I see,by PVP,I meant online multiplayer


LAN and online game build and play

Maybe there could be an addition to the building blocks of the behavior commands, like where you could open it up to see the raw code for seasoned programmer, if it isn’t too much to ask for.

My suggestion is a full screen mode, for horror games.

@Niceice Definitley!


@grazer do you watching This Post?

@ztg5 OMG,yes,i’ve always wanted that for my games!

uhhhhh. just use passwords, im working on that mechanic right now

And somebody publish Your Passwords on internet and everybody completes Your game … That so funny :expressionless: r u fucking kiddin’ me?

Sry for blunder but say “uhhhh” really?