[For Grazer] FlowLab Offline Engine with Saving Games Locally.

FlowLab should have an offline version, just so we can work on games on the go or maybe when our internet goes out, it also assures that your game doesnt get screwed when an update comes out and it messages with logic and behaviors, it also assures that you can have a reliable backup of your game on your own PC.

The best way to go about this is to put the offline FlowLab program on the Chrome Web Store and you could charge separately for the offline engine (Id absolutely buy it) or you could just make the program check your FlowLab account to see if youve purchased Indie or above to use the program. Putting this on the chrome web store is the best idea because its compatible with offline programs, and you wont have to make the engine for Windows, Mac and Linux, etc, etc. but with the Chrome Web Store, anything that can run Chrome can run the program.

Of course I know you (Grazer) have been working on something big for FlowLab (which hopefully wont mess with our games) but hopefully youll be able to read this eventually.

i do not think that will work