For some reason mobile doesn't detect clicks?

So uh, im making a game, and for some reason on mobile it detects the clicks, but it doesn’t actually activate the code inside the object.It works perfectly on PC, but not on mobile. Uh, so I want to know if its a bug in my game, or if its a bug in the file @grazer or anyone else who knows.

If it works on PC, it should work on mobile, so most likely this is some sort of issue with the mobile click handling. Can you post a link to the game, and are you testing on Android or iOS?

android. here’s the link @grazer. Thanks :slight_smile:

I usually have a large invisible UI object for where you want to click
(Though I think the Clickbox [not hitbox] is always a sqaure?).

Also I’ve been having reports and problems on mobile lately that I’m trying to pinpoint.
I’ll try to DM the problems to you soon @grazer, but I haven’t had to chance to find the causes yet.

Edit: I accidentally commented this on the wrong discussion.

you didn’t happen to fix it. didja @grazer? :open_mouth:

Hey @“Lyndon Bork” - not yet, sorry. I had to go get a replacement Android device, which I did today - I’ll post here when I get it sorted out.

right, thanks